What's Holding You Back?

Hey there! Have you ever felt stuck and unable to move forward in your personal or professional life? It’s frustrating and can leave you overwhelmed and unsure of what steps to take next.

But here’s the thing; sometimes, the most significant obstacles we face aren’t external but internal. Our thoughts, fears, and self-doubt can keep us from reaching our full potential.

Maybe you’ve been telling yourself that you’re not smart enough to pursue a new career path or don’t have the skills to succeed in your own business. Maybe you need help with not feeling credible or confident enough, impacting your ability to make decisions or take action.

Whatever your internal challenges are, it’s essential to understand that they are both real and valid. However, they don’t have to control your life! Instead, with a shift in perspective and the proper tools, you can learn to overcome these challenges and move forward decisively.

If you’re ready to break free from the limitations you’ve been placing on yourself, check out what’s available for you.

You deserve to live a life of joy, passion, and purpose; I’m happy to help you make that a reality!

Ask yourself this

What holds you back?

What is holding you back?

Is it a question of what you have?

Is it a question of what you DON'T have?

Is it both?

That's where I come in!

Meet Melissa Porterfield

As an intuitive since early childhood, I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that I didn’t use my intuition in all parts of my then-brand-new business. I also noticed that many of my entrepreneurial clients and friends weren’t using theirs, either.

With 20 years of coaching leaders under my belt, I knew that providing intuitive coaching and helping women both find and use their intuition in their businesses would be a game-changer.

My vision is to help women go after what they want fearlessly.

I have a passion for helping women conquer any internal challenges that hold them back and use their intuition to make the right decisions to increase their success.

My goal in working with my clients is to help them gain the clarity and courage to move forward decisively using their intuition as a powerful business tool.

Ready to Vibe?

We all face challenges and get stuck! Sometimes, we’re unsure how to rise above it to keep moving towards our goals.

When we work together, you learn the tools and strategies you can use again and again to keep you taking consistent action. You’ll find that by relying on these tools, methods, and your intuition, you’ll be moving towards your goal more often than finding yourself stuck.

Close your eyes for a moment and see that future you knowing exactly what to do if you find yourself getting stuck again.

Can you picture how great you’ll feel once you know what to do?

90 days to Clearing What's Holding You Back

This 1-ON-1 program is designed to help you identify and overcome the top internal challenges that hold you back, as well as to equip you with strategies you can use if any of those challenges pop up again.

You’ll learn:

  • Why challenges often rises in unexpected circumstances
  • What causes these challenges and how they manifest in your life
  • The biggest mistakes people make when trying to overcome roadblocks
  • How to handle challenges head on and build a stronger, more resilient YOU
  • How to navigate your way through life with grace and confidence
  • So much more!

What My Coaching Clients Say:

I had been ill for a long time and hadn’t been working. Just thinking about starting over would give me panic attacks. I had zero confidence and so much fear that I truly didn’t think I would get past it. When I started working with Melissa, I was amazed at how quickly she was able to get to the root of my thinking and help me pull it out into the light to really look at it. That started my transformation, and I am so grateful! Melissa is very intuitive and was able to help me see things in a new light. I am well on my way to starting over, except now I know how to trust my intuition and take myself through the process of reframing thoughts and situations that would normally hold me back.
Anne M.
Melissa was a marvelous coach for someone like me who is transitioning from a lifelong education and business career, to expanding my Professional Learning Consulting and Coaching company to now include Executive and Business coaching. “Melissa is a strong leader for women who want to make a difference for other women. She was a gift to come my way this summer!!
Karen P.
Executive Coach
Working with Melissa is really a joy. She brings a positive and calm thoughtfulness to everything she does. I believe that what makes Melissa unique is her intuition, listening skills, and kindness! She is open-minded and very engaging.
Mercedes D.

What you can expect.

When you sign up for this program, you will be given an initial assessment that will help you dive deep into your inner self and reveal your biggest challenges to date. From there, we’ll determine your top challenge and develop a custom plan to help you overcome those obstacles.

Are you ready for your transformation? I want you to develop the wisdom and intuition to believe in your worth, transcend doubt and step into the highly successful woman you want to be. 

What do you want to achieve?
What’s holding you back?